Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

The relationship began in April of 1987. It was a Saturday afternoon and it was raining. 

She was beautiful - unique, classy yet muscular, nothing subtle about the way she looked. We negotiated an acceptable arrangement and she moved to our home a few days later. 

Over the years she has given us a great deal of pleasure. There’s been a bit of travel for vacations, but mostly weekend outings, date nights and special events.

She has aged some but don’t we all. Now she needs a new home with someone who will appreciate her beauty and invest in her future. She’s a true Cougar.

Just How Rare is My Cougar XR7

When I created this blog to tell tales about my classic car, historical accuracy became a mission.  I’ve read too many websites and blogs about cars and other things where the contradictions and spelling errors could and should have been eliminated with better research and editing.  I’m working on it!

Critter in the Cougar

It was a reasonable day in the Okanagan Valley.  Some clouds but mostly sunshine gave us the option of driving the Cougar XR7.  I avoid rain whenever possible.

We had been invited by some old friends to come for dinner.  We knew them way back when, but lost contact for over 30 years.  Now that the friendship has been renewed, it’s like it never stopped.  What made this dinner invitation special was that two more of Terrie’s old girl friends would be there too, people she hadn’t seen for even more years.

The First Car Show of 2012 - the Story in Pictures

I go to more car shows than I enter.  I like to look at other people's classic rides and take photos, but don't like to sit there with mine.  When you enter a car show, it's often a commitment of up to eight hours.  My 2012 resolve is to pick a few good shows and just do it.  You meet all kinds of people and when the day is glorious, it's a bonus.