Cougar Muscle

The 1970 Cougar Eliminator had the look and feel of its older brother, the 1969 Eliminator.  Cougar was no stranger to high performance options and the 1970 version was Mercury sharpening its Cat Claws one last time. 

Outside features included, a hood scoop, front and rear spoilers, blacked-out grill, a special Eliminator stripe package, a palette of "high-impact" blue, orange, and yellow exterior colours, no vinyl roof, wide oval 70 series raised letter tires and styled steel wheels, Magnum 500`s or dog dish style hubcaps and trim rings.

Under the hood, the Eliminator came standard with the 300 horsepower 351 Cleveland.  Options included the Boss 302, the 428 CJ and the Boss 429.  Ford is known to have assembled only two 1970 Eliminators with the Hemi-head 429.  More performance impact could be found over the dealer parts counter.  

A factory original 1970 Cougar Eliminator is a rarely seen muscle cat.  Ford produced only 2267.  All were hardtops. 

There never was a factory made Eliminator convertible but there sure are a lot of tribute cars.  Google Mercury Cougar images and see for yourself.  The resto-mod market is alive with Eliminator clones.