The First Car Show of 2012 - the Story in Pictures

I go to more car shows than I enter.  I like to look at other people's classic rides and take photos, but don't like to sit there with mine.  When you enter a car show, it's often a commitment of up to eight hours.  My 2012 resolve is to pick a few good shows and just do it.  You meet all kinds of people and when the day is glorious, it's a bonus.  

On my list, the Westside Community Food Bank 2nd Annual Show and Shine, Saturday May 12, 2012.  The organizers were Great Canadian Oil Change and Big O Tires of West Kelowna.  Turned out to be a great show with a whole bunch of shiny cars, including my 1970 "Houndstooth" Cougar XR7.

There were maybe 80 cars and trucks on display, plus a few motorcycles and kiddy pedal cars. The parking lots at both Great Canadian and Big O were jammed.  Here are some of my favourites.

And it sure didn't hurt that I won the Grand Prize Draw for a getaway to Vancouver Island.  I`m okay with that.  Think we`ll drive the lucky Cougar XR7.


  1. Congratulations on committing to staying at a car show. They are not all hot parking lots and bordom. You will meet and befriend lots of great people.
    Scott Ferguson

    1. Thanks Scott. Met a former Vancouver Police Officer who is restoring a 1970 Houndstooth Cougar Standard. He`s been at it off and on for 7 years. That would make two Houndstooth Cougars that I know of in BC, if he gets it finished.

    2. Wow, nice unusual car. I had a near twin to it in Michigan in the early 1980's. Same color and top but with a cloth/vinyl brown interior on a standard 91H car with a 351 Cleveland, FMX and 2.75 gear and no a/c. I bought the car at an Ohio junkyard in running condition for $150. The body was all banged up and the trans. didn't shift, had a very lose tie rod end and u-joints. But it had working sequencing tail lights, hide-a-way lamps and a set of 14" Magnum 500 wheels. I thought, what a great parts car for my '70 Cougar! Well, with a piece of vacuum hose robbed from the air cleaner put on the trans modulator and a different tire put on the loose tie rod side of the car I drove that car to Michigan with no problems. So with over 176K on it and after replacing in a tie rod end, U-joints and some tires I kept driving it and never sold a part off it except for the set of Magnum wheels because the 14" ones went extinct for a while and some guy had to have them for $250. Talk about a fast, reliable never die car! It would run 68 MPH in first gear with oversize 14" rear tires, engine wound out and the valves would never float - the 2 barrel/single exhaust just wouldn't flow enough to go faster but it would bury the 120 speedo when in 3rd gear. It didn't leak oil nor burn oil and purred like a kitten and had over 230K on it before I moved to Florida and had to leave it behind. It still had the original water pump, fuel pump, starter, alternator and engine gaskets. It had broken the engine mounts when I lent it to a friend and it ripped the radiator hoses and outlets right out of the radiator. He couldn't believe how strong it ran for a old beat up Cougar. He had a 1972 'Vette that was always in the shop for engine work and a built F150 4X4 that he couldn't keep drive shafts or U-joints in. I later realized he had lead feet and boots. My dad sold the car a years later after the alternator seized up and burnt the belt off - killing the battery. About 5 years later while visiting my old Michigan neighborhood I saw that old dented rusty Cougar still on the road. I only had ever seen one other houndstooth Cougar before mine and it happened to be a Grabber Green G code Boss 302 Eliminator with white/black seats cloth/vinyl and naturally no vinyl top. An XR7 Houndstooth is awesome!

    3. Bill..thanks for sharing your story.

  2. There's nothing compared to car shows wherein the cars are really the focal point of the show. It's nice to relive some of these great cars and know some history about them. Well, we should keep doing this as long as classic cars still on the road. This is also a good way to give them recognition and to appreciate their beauty.

  3. Couldn't agree more Erwin. Car shows are one big candy store for the car enthusiast.