Anniversaries and Bling

25 years is a long time in any relationship.  This one began April 12, 1987.  It was a rainy Saturday in New Westminster BC.  I had convinced my wife Terrie to go for a drive.  I wanted to check something out but didn’t tell her what it was.  She was most impressed, he said sarcastically, when I pulled into a used car lot and parked. 

Within minutes we were out for a test drive in the 1970 "Houndstooth" Cougar XR7 and within the hour we had done the deal.  We drove it home two days later after undergoing the dealership inspection.  I was just recently rummaging through a long ago stored box of papers and found the original bill of sale.

Not my wife’s Cougar

Terrie has had a love/hate relationship with our “Houndstooth” Cougar, although she has never fully accepted that the car as “ours”.  In her mind it’s my car, Ted’s Cougar and I’m okay with that.  It was me who wanted the Cougar.  Terrie would've been much happier with a convertible.  The problem was we never found an affordable Mustang or Cougar convertible in good shape.  The XR7 was not only in great condition but had just 39,500 miles.  The back seat and the passenger seat looked like they had barely been used. The spare tire was one of the original equipment double whitewalls and the jack was still in the Ford parts box.

There have been years when money was tight and we didn’t drive it.  There have been years when the money spent on upkeep and repairs irked her and she urged me to sell it.  There have been times when the Cougar embarrassed her with a leaking radiator or by stalling in an intersection.  There have been other times when the lack of air conditioning meant taking our daily driver instead.  But mostly, Terrie is like me.  When the XR7 is in good tune, the V8 engine is growling like only a high horsepower V8 can growl, the windows are down, the sun is shining and we’re cruisin’, there’s nothing like the pride you feel as you get the nods, waves and thumbs up from the people who see it.

We are the second owners

The first was a little old lady in Victoria BC.  The car is now 42 going on 43 years old and has remained “stock” right down to the top end Cougar XR7 hubcaps on 14” rims with whitewall tires.  Unfortunately, the tires are old and worn, not safe for travel.  They had to be replaced.  Terrie wants to take the Cougar on a road trip this summer, down to the coast and over to Vancouver Island.  We may even show it at the car show in Ladysmith in August.  

Whitewalls for classic and antique cars have become very expensive, special order items and 14” wheels are becoming a thing of the past.  After some research on line and among other classic Cougar and Mustang owners, the problem was solved by Ryan Bishop at Fountain Tire in West Kelowna.

The importance of Bling

A long time ago I learned a few key lessons in how to make my relationship with Terrie work.
  1. I have but two jobs in life and I had better do them well.  I drive and I pay.
  2. When Terrie’s happy, everyone is happy.
  3. What really makes Terrie happy is jewellery and shoes.  Four times a year at a minimum, her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day and our Anniversary it’s either something shiny and sparkly for her ears, neck or fingers or something cool and stylish for her feet and often both.  Mind you the shoe thing has way more celebrations.
*Writer's note - The above advice is free.  Please steal it and use it if you want.


A great word!  Credit for it goes to Lightning McQueen in one of our grandson's favourite movies, Cars.  Now, to finish the story.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary with the 1970 “Houndstooth” Cougar XR7, bling and shoes were the obvious answer.  The time was right for retro style, five spoke, chrome mags and new shoes, B. F. Goodrich Radial T/A’s.  I drive and I pay.

Here's to the next 25 years.


  1. Thanks for your interesting discourse about important aspects of life. I really like growling cougars, especially yours. Terrie, how did you get your husband to see so clearly what women want, Bling and shoes, that really says it all. Hurrah!!! Marge

    1. Marge..please don't encourage her. You know she's always looking for a reason to hit Winners.