Russian Names and Vroom-Vrooms

Put me in coach
Our grandson calls me Jeda.  His grandmother is Baba.  It’s what my wife Terrie called her Russian grandparents.  My grandparents were English, Irish and Scottish with a little Pennsylvania Dutch thrown in there somewhere.  To me they were Bompie and Gramma.  When baby Jonathan was born in 2010, we decided that Baba and Bompie were confusing so we adopted Baba and Jeda.

Jonathan is fascinated by machines, especially those with loud engines.  Two things happened in his little life recently.  He heard my classic car as I drove into the garage and he watched me mow the lawn. 
Vroom-vroom Jeda, vroom-vroom!  

He raced to the garage door to meet me.  Not the first words he has spoken, but significant in our ever growing relationship.  Vroom-vroom Jeda, vroom-vroom, now means pick me up and show me your car.

I'll soon have to hide the keys
If not my car, then the lawn mower!   

Or, it means take me for a walk, show me cars, trucks, motorcycles, diggers, busses, anything with wheels.   Let me touch them.  Any of his toys with wheels are now things to ride.  Large or small, he climbs aboard as best he can and tries to propel himself across the floor.

It’s in the genes

I too am fascinated by motors, machines and things with wheels.  By age 3, I could identify airplanes as they flew overhead and I could name every car on the road.  It’s why I own a classic car today.

I’ve always said, if I had more money and a bigger garage I’d be dangerous.

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